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Who We Are

Interactive Venture Partners is backed by successful entrepreneur Thomas Peterffy, founder and Chairman of Interactive Brokers Group, Inc. Our mission is to provide capital to Hungarian and other Central Eastern European ambitious innovators, entrepreneurs, and founders of startups and in doing so create wealth for them and for us as investors. We have a dedicated and professional team with local and international backgrounds and, given our innovative culture, are uniquely positioned to support companies seeking to grow regionally or enter the US and global markets.

IVP Team
Thomas Peterffy, founder and Chairman of Interactive Brokers
“My experience is that success can only be achieved with strong ambition, deep passion, and practical, professional execution. Interactive Venture Partners aims to supercharge our entrepreneurs and their startups with capital, mentoring, and networking so that they can achieve success. In doing so, we benefit as investors, and in the process, help build a stronger startup ecosystem.”

Thomas Peterffy
Investor, Interactive Venture Partners,
(Founder and Chairman, Interactive Brokers Group, Inc.)

What We Do

We invest in early-stage Central Eastern European entrepreneurs at the Pre-seed, Seed, and Series A stages. By supporting ambitious founders, we seek to help disrupt global industries and to create entrepreneurial wealth. This will encourage more serial entrepreneurship, broaden the local investor community, and attract more institutional investment thereby bolstering the local and regional startup ecosystems.

Who We Look For

We seek to build a diverse portfolio across industries, selecting investments based on the quality of the entrepreneurs, the startup’s growth potential, the prospective market impact, the speed of execution, and the ability to defend their market positions.

Interactive VP Team working together

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